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To Our Community Friends

The recreation center is open and ready for our Youth programs to begin!

As you are probably aware, the Oregon Trail Recreation District has finished building a recreation center in Burley. We are excited for this great addition to the area and the incredible benefits it will bring, particularly for the youth! The enthusiasm we’ve felt from the community has been tremendous, as many have already donated their time and resources to help bring this project to fruition.

The need for a community recreation center has become very evident as youth programs have been introduced and enhanced in the area. The center was constructed on land donated by the City of Burley adjacent to the swimming pool, tennis courts, a city park, the walking track at the former Burley High School football field, and recreation fields.

The Oregon Trail Recreation District

The Oregon Trail Recreation District was formed to enhance recreational opportunities in the Burley area. Natural beauty and willing volunteers have made Burley a wonderful place to strengthen existing programs and develop new recreational opportunities for the community.

Many goals of the District have already been accomplished (enhanced youth programs, facility improvements, and a beautiful river trail, to name a few). We welcome new ideas and input from anyone who is interested in making Burley a great place to live and visit.

You Can Make a Difference in Our Community!

  • Volunteer your time, energy and expertise.
  • Contribute materials, services or money to a project or scholarship fund.
  • Recreation District members may apply for grant money to provide programs and facilities (contact a Board Member for details).

"It Takes an Entire Village to Raise a Child..."

The Oregon Trail Recreation District would like to thank the following people in "our Village" that have donated so much time and dedication to help raise our kids and grandkids. These folks are volunteer coaches, sponsors, referees, umpires and have made donations toward the new recreation center. We truly live in a great area, with many wonderful people.

The Chadwick Grill - Karen and Ryan Thomas, Jed Thomas
Gary Jones Construction - Jason and Ty Jones
Kloepfer Concrete - Jon and Larry Kloepfer
Ronco - Ron, Tim and Sheldon Lynch
Streamline Precision Construction - Zane Gillete

Youth Sports Managers:

Tim Lynch, Rob Kruckenberg, Ryan and Alisha Samples, Chay Courtright


Melissa Silcock, Kristen Jones, Shantala Robinson, Ty and Matea Beck, Mario and Christina Rios, John and Julie Garrard, Matt and Shannon Monroe, Carl and Andrea Darrington, Heather Gibby, Terri Searle, Kody and Roxanne Beck, Steve Olsen, Eric Mabry, Rocky Mancias, Kely Mangum, Matt and Kara Ramsey, Raynin Simpson, Kristin Jones, Shannon and Cristy Shirley, Denny Smyer, Chris Gailey, Troy Merideth, Tyler Moore, Mike Mullard, Nathan Crump, Mark Dallon, Matt Beck, Tim Lynch, John Kloepfer, Tony Baumgardner, Jason Jones, Travis Mort, Ron Rice, Jeff Bedke, Steve Olsen, Michelle Campbell, Linzy Zollinger, Tami Tracy, Nicki Beck, Michael Hill, Brandi Ottley, Deann Ontiveros, Rebecca Hepworth, Matt Seely, Frank Mathews, Stephenie Shirley, Herather Waters, Taylor Young, Shannon Monroe, Andrea Darrington, Shantala Robinson, Sarah Smith, Alison Dustin, Heidi Manning, Emily Hill, also Burley, Oakley and Declo High School Volleyball teams and Kristin Jones. Mike Mullard, Eli Hansen, Jordan Jones, Kelly Bowen, Ryn Darrington, Nick Robinson, Jason Jones, Jeff Sheppard, Jay Tegethoff, Damon Malberg, Mindy Merideth.


Black Diamond Testing, Advantage Agronomy, Glitter Girls, Snake River Hydraulics, Skaggs, Dr. J. Garrard, Adams Petro, Ag-Rows, Pro-Paint, Valley Agronomics, Cranney Farms, Ag Electric, The Pivot Man, KAM Gas, Bobcats, Butte Irrigation, Osterhout Construction, Country Store, Emery Creek, BX Application, ACH, Dennys, Tires West, Live Wire, Donnelleys, Terry Laumb Concrete, Curbscapes, Walmart, 3-Bar Cattle, Golden Valley Beef, Kloepfer Concrete, Munsee Livestock, Gary Jones Const., Double L, 4 Seasons, Kirkham Auto, J.Bedke, Cranes, A Childs World, Donnelleys, Dr. and Deann Ontiveros, Waters Plumbing, Apex Drilling, Dr. and Nancy Blauer, Dr. T. Patterson, Mike Beck Farms, Kodiac, Kloepfer, KAM Gas, Ben and Nikki Beck, Next Generation, Kerbs Oil, Crane Chiropractic, Mike Millard Trucking, Pro Paint, Donnelley’s Sports, Ag Rows, Springdale school of art, Golden Valley Beef, Gary Jones Construction, Ronco Building Supply, Kloepfer Concrete, Livewire Electric, Fabulous Nails.

Signed, OTRD Board of Directors
Clark Harman, Scott Moulton, Nancy Fonnesbeck, Zeke Zimmerman


It's Time for Basketball!

It's time to sign up for Basketball Leagues! The last day to sign up is November 30th. Click the picture to get started.
Last Day to sign up for basketball is November 30th

1.3 Million Dollar Recreation Center Opens in Burley

(KMVT Report)

Check Out the Rec Center Project!

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NOW: Construction at the new OTRD Rec Center.
Construction at the new OTRD Rec Center.

BEFORE: Demolition of old Burley high ball field where the new Rec Center will be built.
Demolition of old Burley high ball field where the new Rec Center will be built.

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