Oregon Trail Recreation District

About Us

The Oregon Trail Recreation District exists to provide direction and funds for the improvement of recreation facilities and provide programs for the area. The District was a dream of several citizens in Cassia County and was created by action of the County Commissioners, after voter approval on May 23, 2006. Order Forming The Oregon Trail Recreation District (opens a .pdf file).

Our Mission

The Oregon Trail Recreation District preserves the Burley, Idaho area livability by providing direction and funds to enhance and expand our community parks, trails and recreation programs and to provide access and opportunity for all.

The Oregon Trail Recreation District strives to provide quality recreation services and well maintained facilities that are well managed, sustainable, provide excellent customer service and meet the needs of Recreation District residents.

The OTRD Youth Sports Programs were created and exists to help children in the development of positive life skills, self-concepts and physical activity. Our mission is to provide safe, enjoyable recreation opportunities for all participants.

It is our mission to teach the basic skills and fundamentals of the sports, which young people need to be able to play in a safe and nurturing environment, where all children have the opportunity to play regardless of skill level.

It is our mission to ensure each child has a positive, rewarding experience while participating in the programs, and that each child will learn the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, honor, and integrity while sharing with their coaches and teammates the emotions of success and failure.

OTRD Youth Sports

Last year we had 31 teams involving 260 kids in basketball plus 40 kindergartners in Saturday clinics. This year we have 41 teams involving 330 kids plus 34 kindergartners in clinics. This was the first year for volleyball and we had 12 teams involving 130 girls plus 28 kindergartners in clinics. (We expect to see a 50% increase next year). Flag football had 11 teams with 130 boys participating (a 30% increase from last year). Baseball involves more than 850 boys and girls. This will be our first year for tennis and have no feeling for numbers.

Oregon Trail Recreation District Objectives/Strategies

  • Maintain core of recreation programs and facilities.
  • Nurture and sustain community partnerships in the delivery of programs.
  • Seek alternative funding strategies and support for programs.
  • Develop new recreation program offerings to meet changing needs of the community.
  • Expand activities for families.
  • Pursue an enhanced partnership with the School District to maximize use of facilities at elementary and Jr. High schools through joint development and use agreements that provide for amenity improvements in exchange for guaranteed use of space for community programs outside of school hours.
  • Conduct periodic community interest and opinion surveys that help guide our long-range planning and development efforts.

Our Board Members

Under Idaho Code, the District is a political subdivision of the State of Idaho, with original Board Members appointed by the Governor, and since elected. The Recreation District has proven itself as a trustworthy and able steward of public funds. Funds are generated by a $36 per year, per household assessment within the Recreation District boundaries. See Board Member Information here.

You can make a difference in our community!

  • Volunteer your time, energy and expertise.
  • Contribute materials, services or money to a project or scholarship fund.
  • Recreation District members may apply for grant money to provide programs and facilities (contact a Board Member for details).

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